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Priority Move offers an Affordable and Competitively Priced Piano Removals Chester/Wirral and North Wales Service to any Local or National U.k Destination.As we all know this task is not suited to d.i.y due to the Fact the overall weight and size of the majority of Pianos make them difficult to Move and potentially dangerous when in the hands of someone not trained in Piano Removals.It is vital to have a clear understanding of being well balanced whilst distributing heavily weighted Pianos.An attempt to Move any Piano may potentially result in damage occuring to the building,Piano or the people attempting to move the instrument.This is why it is essential to use a Professional Piano Removal Team to Ensure all the neccessary measures and precautions are taken when transporting Pianos Correctly and Safely.


Priority Moves Piano Removal Service Chester/Wirral and North Wales is Avaliable to Help Customers Complete a Required Service Competently.We Will Produce a Moving Team who Will come Complete with Piano Moving Equipment such as a Piano Dolley and a Heavy Duty Ramp to Help Assist with the Piano Removal job.Our Team has a Good Combination of Communication,Strength,Stability and Technique.We are Symmetrically Very Well Co-Ordinated,Ensuring all Piano Removals are Performed in Time and Together as One unit.All of these Key Factors are what Priority Moves Piano Removal Team put into practice to Help Guarantee a Successful end Result.

Rest Assure,all Pianos Will be Safe and Sound whilst in the hands of Priority Move.We Will Handle and Treat all Piano Removals with the Greatest Care and Respect,Ensuring that all Pianos Will be Fully Protected,Secure and Very Stable whilst in transit from A to B.Priority Move are here to Prioritise all your Moving Needs Nice and Smoothly.Contact us for a Free no obligation Quotation.Thankyou.

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