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This working agreement is made between the customer and Priority Move.The agreement is made when the customer verbally confirms and accepts the agreements without any amendments to the Priority Move verbal agreement.These conditions explain your rights,obligations and responsibilities and those of the removals or storage contractor.It is important that everybody knows where they stand due to the fact a contract is a two way agreement.Where you see the word "you"it means "the customer".The words "we"or"us"refer to the company or contractor stated on top of the contract.Any conditions may be changed,however we must come to a written agreement between us.



1)Our quotation is based on the information given by you or the assessor,and does not include any other fees payable to the government bodies.Although it is a fixed price we may charge an additional cost depending on if any of the following apply:-

a)Our costs may increase because of changes out of our control due to fluctuations in currency.

b)If additional services are applied includng moving or storing extra goods than this applies.

c)There are major delays outside our reasonable control.

d)If there are extra stairs or inconvienient sized doors,hallways or the approach for our vehicles is unsuitable than this means extra work time is needed.

e)We have to pay any parking fees or charges incurred in order to carry out our services.This includes parking fines.

f)We have to do more work due to wrong or inaccurate information provided by you.In all circumstances you will pay the extra charges.

g)All quotations are for two storey premesis,unless advised.

h)If we have to wait around too long due to keys to new property not being present.

i)Loft rooms or attic goods must be declared.

j)If you have any extra valuable items such as vases,paintings ,mirrors,antics etc, than they must be declared before commencing work.

k)Out houses or garden shed goods need to be declared.

l)Large quantities of delicate goods such as wardrobe mirrors need to be fully declared before arrival to jobs.



2)Work not included within our quotation,unless agreed with you before hand in writing or verbally.We will not:-

a)Disassemble or assemble flat pack furniture,fixtures or fittings unless arranged beforehand.

b)Disconnect or reconnect appliances or equipment.

c)Remove or lay fitted floor coverings.

d)Move night storage heaters unless they are dismantled.

e)Move or store any items under clause 5.

f)Pack or unpack goods unless this service has been arranged for.



3)Your responsibility during a removal.It will be your sole responsibility to ensure to:-

a)Ensure nothing is taken away or left behind

b)Obtain all your personal documents and goods that may need to be used to complete the removal.

c)Take responsibility of your goods at the departure and destination points by being present yourself or asking someone to represent you.

d)Disconnect and prepare goods adequately such as unplumbing washing machines and disconnecting cookers with coorgi registers people.

e)Arrange and pay for any neccessary parking facilities.We will not be liable for any loss or damage,cost or additional charges that may arise from these matters.



4)Ownership of the goods:By entering in this contract you warrant that:-

a)The goods to be moved are your own property or

b)You have the authority of the owner of the property to make ths contract in respect of their goods to be removed or stored.You will indemnify us in any respect of any claim for damages and/or costs against us if these warranties are not true.



5)What is excluded:The following items are excluded from this contract and if you ask us to move them than we accept no responsibility for loss or damage.

a)Tins of paint may have spillage potential must avoid at all costs.

b)Potentially dangerous or explosive type items.

c)Any animals including birds or fish.



6)Cancellations:If you decide to cancel this contract than we require 48 hours notice,if this is not given than we reserve the right to charge you 20% of the cost of the overall removal.



7)Payment:You must pay our charges with either cash or a cheque upon completion of the removal/clearance.You may not withhold any part of the agreed price.Dishounered cheques will carry an extra £30 charge.We reserve the right to only carry out the original services quoted for.



8)We shall not be liable for loss or damage resulting from:-

a)Moths,vermin or similar infestations,cleaning,repairing or restoring,war invasion,acts of foreign enemies,hostilities(wether war is declared or not)civil war,rebellion,military coup,wear & tear,leakage or evaporation,atmospheric or climatic changes.

b)Death,injury or sickness arising from the removal or warehousing of any frozen food or drink.Frozen foods are only removed at your own risk.

c)Any consequential loss of any kind.

d)Items which are brittle or have an in herent defect,deep freezers,the mechanism in clockwork,electronic or motor driven goods(unless there are outward signs and visible signs of impact damage),sensitive equipment or self-assembly furniture which is not suitable for transportation.

e)Any goods either not packed or unpacked by us.

f)Items left in side cupboards or other furniture.

g)Foods or plants.

h)Fixtures,fittings,property or goods damaged as a result of difficult access.

i)Goods received from a third party in an unknown condition.

j)Any items referred to in clause 5.

k)Clip type picture frames.



9)Waiting time:-Immediate access is expected when the vehicle and crew arrive at the unloading address.If this is not the case than an extra charge to the ovarall cost of the job will be given due to the extra waiting time.



10)Our right of lien:-We have the right to withhold or ultimately dispose of some or all of the goods until you have paid all of the charges and other payments due under this agreement.These include any changes that we have made paid out on your behalf.While we hold the goods and wait for payment you will be liable to pay all storage charges and other costs incurred by withholding your goods and these terms & conditions will continue to apply.




11)Our right to sub-contract work out:-We reserve the right to sub-contract some or all of the work out.If we sub-contract than these terms & conditions still apply.




12)Where the law applies:-This agreement is subject to the laws of the country in which the agreement was made.



13)Limited Liability:

 a) In the removals industry,limited liability is standard practice due to not knowing exactly the value of all customer goods.

b)We encourage all our customers to take out insurance to cover themselves against losses greater than the limits set out in our terms and conditions and for risks where they have no rights of recourse against the removal contractor.



14)Important Note:

a)Please check your home or contents insurance policy as many home insurance policies already cover you for all risks with regards to your removal.

b)Priority Move excludes liability for jewellery and other similar items.

c)Priority Move limits the company's liability to £40 per item in the event of loss or damage caused as a result of our negligence.

d)Priority Move limits the company's liability to £75 per premises in the event of damage to your premises.

e)Priority Move specifies the time limits for submitting claims for loss or damage.

f)Jewellery,cash and other similar items should not be included for removal.



 15)When packing you need to consider the following:
 a)Priority Move is not responsible for the loss or damage caused by its negligence. Goods may be damaged by other causes over which a removal contractor has no control.
 b) Secondly, our limit of liability is £40 per item or box and this will not be enough for some items. 
 Priority Move recognises that its customers need proper financial protection and offers insurance to cover goods while they are being loaded, transported and unloaded by Priority Move.If your move involves storage, this can be arranged.

16)What Type of Insurance Do I Require?
 a) Priority Move recommends to all customers that they take out Full "All Risks" - insurance. This does literally cover anything that may happen, but does include cover for damage by breakages,vehicle accidents,fire,storm and theft.
 b) If something is totally lost or destroyed you will be paid the new replacement value or the item will be  replaced as new. If the item can be repaired, the insurers will arrange this if it is cheaper and gives a satisfactory result.


17)Like for Like Insurance – (Cost 5% of Total Value of goods)

a)Claims will be settled on the basis of the new value minus an allowance for age, wear and tear.

 b) The excess on this insurance is £50 of any claim.
 c) Don't under-insure. Check the value of your goods.
 d) You must calculate the value of your goods. This is your responsibility, because neither Priority Move nor the insurers know the value of your property.


18)Claims Time Limit
 For goods delivered by,Priority Move,claims must be notified within 48 hours of delivery.Insurers will refuse to pay claims if you do not adhere to these time limits.



19)Exclusions of liability other than as a result of negligence Priority Move will not be liable for any loss or damage of the following:-

a)By war,invasion,acts of foreign enemies,hostilities(whether war is declered or not)civil war or terrorism

b)By normal wear and tear,natural or dradual deteriation,leakage,evaporation or from perishable or unstable goods.This includes goods left within furniture or appliances

c)By mouths or vermin or other similar infestations.

d)By cleaning,repairing or restoring unless we arranged for the work to be carried out.

e)By change relating to atmospheric or climatic conditions.

f)For any goods in wardrobes,drawers ,appliances or in a package bundle,carton case or other similar container not both packed and unpacked by us.

g)For electrical or mechanical derangement to any appliance,instrument,clock,computer or other equipment unless there is evidence of related external damage.

h)For any goods which have pre-existing defects or are inherintely defective.

i)For animals and there cages including tanks or vivariums including pets such as birds,fish,reptiles etc.

j)For plants or food.

k)For perishable items and/or those requiring a controlled environment.

l)For damage or costs,resulting indirectly from,or as a consequence of loss,damage or failure to produce the goods,including but not limited to loss or use of amenity.

m)No employees of ours shall be seperately liable to you for any loss,damage,mis-delivery,errors or ommisions under the terms & conditions of this agreement.

n)Our liability will cease upon handing over all goods.



20)Delays in transit:-Other than by reasons of our negligence,we shall not be liable for delays in transit.

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